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I can still remember moving into my first home. It was clean and in good shape for its age. But the thing that stuck out most was the dated look and colors in the bathrooms. I hadn’t been there long before I started trying to plan an inexpensive remodel. And it was at this time that I asked myself “can you remodel a bathroom for $5000?”


Yes, you can remodel a bathroom for $5000. The size, condition, and age of the bathroom, as well as the overall scope of work, and by whom it will be performed must be evaluated and factored in from the beginning.


Before we get started, I want to say that it will not be easy to complete the project for $5000 without lots of planning, as well as having an option A,B, and C. And finally you will need some luck. And before we get to far along remember to remain that virtually all remodeling jobs end up going over budget for one reason or another.


Before begin trying to decide how you will spend you $5000 budget, one of the first steps that you need to complete is an overall assessment of the existing condition of the bathroom that you want to remodel. Is the bathroom in great shape and just old, or is it old and caving in? And by caving in, I mean is there water damage? What condition are the walls in? How about the floors? Are there any visible signs of leaks anywhere? To answer these questions, you will likely need to complete a thorough inspection of your space. The reason that you should complete this step now, is so that you can plan for hidden repairs as best you can. And one of the best ways to do that is to look for hints that can be readily observed upon close inspection. 


Start your bathroom renovation off right

Get prepared for your renovation by learning the process, planning and foresight needed to bring your bathroom project to life. 

Unless you are doing a purely lipstick job, you will more than likely have to address at least some of the repairs that you observe or uncover during your project. And remember, that in order to stay on budget, you need to try to see into the future as far as possible, to foresee any items that could potentially derail your project. 


The most expensive aspects of a bathroom remodel will depend on the size and scope of a project. But generally speaking, labor will be your biggest cost. The first labor comes in the form of demolition. Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may be able to do this part of the project yourself. But it’s also conceivable to find yourself in a scenario where you simply cannot afford to tear anything out and stay on budget


In order to evaluate your bathroom remodeling project from a cost and budgeting standpoint, one of the firs things we need to determine is whether you will be completing any of the work yourself. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. 


Theoretically, any work that you complete yourself will save you money in labor expenses. Now on the flip side, if you cannot complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time, it may make more sense to contract it out even if you personally are able to do it. This is also true if your determine your time is simply more valuable than the savings you will create by doing the work yourself. In this scenario, spend your time on what financially makes the most sense. financially, For some that means working on the planning and scheduling of the project, for others that may mean going to work and putting time into their career or regular job that pays the bills. 


DIY Bathroom Remodel

If you are going to do all the work yourself, then you will have more money for materials, which could allow you to do a more extensive project or to tackle a larger than average size bathroom.


Let’s start with the basics. 



There is a huge price range on toilets. The most entry-level toilet starts around $100 and they go up from there with basically no limit. You can literally pay as much as you want for a toilet, if you have the money. We don’t so you will need to make a reasonable selection here. In evaluating which toilet to purchase you should ask yourself why you are replacing it? Is it dated in style, color, height? If the answer is yes, then replacing the toilet may make sense. Here’s why; simply put, the features just mentioned cannot easily be changed. 


But if the toilet in the bathroom is not very old and it works properly(and meets the criteria mentioned just above), you should at least consider the thought of saving it. Also, remember that keeping the toilet and upgrading the parts inside the toilet is also a low-cost option if you do it yourself. So the pricing will look like this:


New cheap toilet installed by you $100-180

New cheap toilet installed by pro $500 or more

New mid-range toilet installed by you $300-400

New midrange toilet installed by pro $700 or more



Vanities and countertops are features that most people feel comfortable spending money on. This is likely because they are constantly being used by the homes residents as well as their guests, and additionally, there are unlimited style and color options, which gives the owner the opportunity to really make a statement. The biggest thing to be concerned with when it comes to vanities is the quality of materials. If you’ve done any shopping for vanites then you know that they are not cheap. Even the flimsy ones are expensive. The vanity is going to be an item that you will want to shop around for in order to find the best option. You should avoid vanities with pressboard cabinet boxes because they can and will swell and deteriorate over time if exposed to water. That means water on the floor from showering, as well as leaks or spills inside the vanity. Now if you just don’t have the time to shop, and you just need to get this done fine. Just remember the words above.


If your existing vanity is in good shape and you dont object to its styling, then your lowest cost option is to clean it up and paint it. If the box itself is in good shape, but the doors style is dated, you could also look into just replacing the doors. It’s a thing. There are websites that specialize in shipping cabinet doors and drawer front direct. 


Let’s breakdown some pricing options


Paint the existing cabinet yourself and change the hardware: $60-100

Change cabinet doors: depends on number of doors, styles, etc

Install new cheap vanity and countertop sold together $150 and up

Pay pro to install cheap vanity $300 and up

Midpriced vanity and install it yourself (not countertop) $400 and up

Pay pro to install midrange vanity (no countertop) $650 and up


Vanity Countertops

If you buy a vanity cabinet that does not come with a top, you will have to locate one on your own. They typically start around $100 for a entry level basic cultured marble and the price goes up quickly from there. A healthy budget would be more like $300.


You will get you best deal on pricing if you buy the vanity and top together. However, sometimes the top


Bathroom sink faucets can also have a wide price range. You should be able to find an entry nice entry level faucet with solid reviews starting around $80. Be aware that chrome finish is the least expensive. Brushed nickel is more, as does oil rubbed bronze and the like. 


If you install the faucet and drain yourself, as long as you existing plumbing is in goo shape, you can likely get it done for $150-200 


If you have to pay a plumber your price is going to be closer to be more like $500 and up


Cheap faucet

Installed by you

Installed by pr



Replacing floors can get really messy and  expensive really quickly. In order to stay on budget its going to be a good idea to keep demolition to a minimum. With that said, if your bathroom floors are in good shape and are structurally sound, you best option is to install new flooring on top. 


Vinyl Plank Flooring $200

If you decide that you have to have tile flooring, and you are going to have to tear out whats there to get it done, just be aware before you start that this could be a budget buster. 


Tile Flooring $250

Tile installation Materials $350

DIY floor demoliiton $150


Tub $300


Wall Tile 


Shower Valve



If you have a bathtub in your bathroom one of the biggest deciion that you have to make on this remodeling project is whether to replace the tub. This decision culd partially deoend on the type of tub that you currnet have installed.  It may make sense to replace a very cheap steel tub. But a midlevel tub or a cast iron tub may be a harder call. A new tub can cost from $250 up to nearly $1000. 


Tub – Shower fixture

Buy a shower valve and shower head for $250



Buy tile at $3 per square foot =$300

Buy tile installation materials $350

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